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The tough love method for building a rock solid writing habit and get the accountability and support you need to get your book written!

You already know a book will establish you as a subject expert, boost your business, or help people, but you could really use someone to hold your feet to the fire.

You’ve tried using friends, family members, your spouse or a colleague as an accountability partner, but it never seems to work out.

In the meantime, as your multiple attempts to stick with it have failed, years have slipped by…

Women authors like you are the reason I developed the Tough Love Writing Accelerator

In the eleven years since I began writing for women leaders, I’ve met with hundreds of women who had a strong desire to write their book, but needed some help to get it done.

My name is Susan Baracco, Story Architect for Women.

I’ve personally written, ghostwritten, and edited twelve books with three in progress.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women – leading workshops and webinars, and partnering with them one-on-one as a resource on their book writing journey.

I have this crazy BHAG of helping 1 million women write their books. Since I do need sleep, I realized it was time to broaden my reach.

That's were this group coaching program comes in.

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The Tough Love Writing Accelerator - This 30 day interactive group coaching program will help you build a rock solid writing habit to accelerate your writing and make considerable progress on your book.

Can you write your book in 30 days? 60 days? 90 days? That’s up to you.

The habits you build during these 30 days will give you the foundation... what you build on that foundation is your choice.

Here’s how it works:

Three emails per week with writing tips, guidance, and inspiration to keep you motivated and on track

Weekly Tough Love accountability reporting

Weekly live group coaching calls with me to get your questions answered

Private Facebook group to interact with other authors for support and idea exchange

Optional: Up to (3) 1-on-1 private coaching sessions with me (at a discounted rate)

This group coaching program is perfect for the woman who is serious about getting her book written within an aggressive time frame.

AND... you can opt in to repeat the 30 day session as many times as you like at a reduced rate, giving you the same accountability and support for as long as you need it.

Does that sound like you? I bet it does.

Now, let’s talk pricing…

If I were to coach you through your book writing journey one-on-one it would be $1,000 a month. With a 6-month required commitment, clients pay a minimum of $6,000 to work with me directly.

But obviously, I’m not charging you that rate.

The full cost to join this program is just $797 – a crazy good price.

$797 to build a habit that will serve you for a lifetime.

How much has it cost you so far to struggle with writing your book? To stop and start, over and over, to make very little progress? Think for a minute about the emotional and intellectual toll it’s having on you.

Here’s the great news: right now, the standard investment for this course is only $597.

By the way, how much have you spent on your hair, nails and lattes in the time that you’ve been trying to write your book? Wait, don’t tell me. I don’t actually want to know…

Look at it this way, that’s less than $17 a day. And a month from now, you’ll have made crazy progress and developed a valuable lifetime habit.

The feeling of the progress alone will be worth it.

But here’s the best part, my friend

I want you to jump in without hesitation.

Why? Because more women need to write.

Women like you need to share your wisdom with a world that is hungry to learn what you can teach them through your message.

That’s why you can join the Tough Love Writing Accelerator right now for only $497.

Why the even deeper discount? Because I WANT YOU TO WRITE YOUR BOOK ALREADY!

Your words and ideas matter. Your readers are waiting for you!

Let’s get started right now.

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